Steak ‘n Shake – Oktoberfest Burger Review

The promo sez:

“Get ready for a one-of-a-kind Oktoberfest-inspired feast!  We’ve topped our Double Steakburger with Swiss cheese, onions sautéed in tangy mustard, and thinly sliced Black Forest ham.  And, if that’s not enough, we serve it on a delicious toasted pretzel bun!”

Steak ‘n Shake has joined the Oktoberfest burger parade, a seasonal offering around the time of the annual beer-centric  event in Munich, Germany, and pretzel rolls are permeating the burger culture in the U.S.

The last one I had at a chain was at Red Robin, just about two years ago.  My experience there was generally favorable, as was today’s. Not particularly caring for onions sauteed in mustard and/or beer, I ordered today’s burger sans onions.  Red Robin’s ham was a little better, but S n S’s cheese, meat patties and roll topped Red Robin’s.  The roll is considerably better than Wendy’s current LTO pretzel bun.  Not a big fan of the seasoned mustard either outlet uses.

I used to cult lust after Steak ‘n Shake the way some people do after In ‘n Out.  Maybe cults are really only after restaurants with ” ‘ ” in their name.

For mass quantity fast food, the S n S patty is pretty high on my list.  It tastes like beef, whereas few other fast food burgers do, in my opinion.

The Steak ‘n Shake Oktoberfest burger won’t be around long, grab it while it’s offered.  $5.49 for a combo meal.

Steak n Shake Oktoberfest Burger Review


 Steak 'n Shake Oktoberfest Burger



Oktoberfest Burger Review

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