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Pizza preferences are such a personal thing, aren’t they? One man’s cheese eden is another man’s slop. Same with crust, sauce, toppings. I can forgive a lot of deficiencies if the crust and/or toppings are superb.

Pizza Caboose, in Tigard, OR, a suburb of Portland, delivers their pizzas in “radio dispatched trucks with ovens”, and judging by the size of the fleet when I have driven past this joint, a lot of people’s personal preferences must match the Caboose’s recipe.

It’s somewhat spendy for delivery pizza, the large (16″) Caboose Special (salami, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, black olives, mushrooms, beef and Italian sausage, cost me $30 delivered, including tip.

I order from them about 3x a year, only, but I have never been unhappy with the pie. We’ve eaten inside there once, and that was ok as well, but it’s more of a place to take your kids than a place for an adult night out.

As I said above, I can forgive certain deficiencies in a pie if the crust and toppings are superb, and, both of those criteria are met here, but there’s really nothing to forgive. The Caboose is extremely generous with the toppings, as you can see, the cheese is quality, the sauce non-offensive, and the crust holds up well upon delivery, through consumption, and even when left out on the counter overnight, and eaten the next morning (the true test for me on how good a pizza is). Their crust is not thin, and not thick, but crispy and chewy at the same time, with a hint of buttery flavoring goodness.

No puddles of grease, no congealed cheese the next morning, and probably my favorite thing about the whole experience, is a really excellent grade of hand-pulled Italian sausage, packed with flavor and with adequate amounts of fennel (to my taste).

The other pork toppings are equally up to my standards. The mushrooms and black olives, not so much, but I really don’t care about them anyway.

I don’t really rate the places I go to, other than to say as I have here, whether they meet my preferences, or not, and perhaps that helps you decide whether they meet your own ideals.

No online ordering, but the menu is reproduced below.   Give them a call, and have a ‘radio dispatched oven truck’ bring you a hot pie tonight.

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