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Portland, OR – Bellagio’s Pizza Redux


My second experience with Bellagio’s wasn’t as good as my first one, however, there wasn’t enough change to put me off ordering from them again.

The first negative was I ordered before they had even opened, and ordered a delivery for 1130 A;  the store called me a few minutes later and said they were slammed with orders, and delivery would take a minimum of one hour and a half, did I still want the pie?  Well, at least they let me know, and I left the order in.

I once again ordered their all meat pie, which they call the “Butcher Block”, and has Mozzarella, Salami, Pepperoni, Canadian Bacon, Italian Sausage. I added double cheese for an additional buck.

I was as impressed with the quality of meat toppings as I was the first go-around, tho I think with the economy, perhaps the quantity has lessened a bit, and the Italian sausage pieces seemed a bit smaller.

The cheese, this time – not so sure.  I don’t think I got the “double” portion, and the melt quality  (see pic) left a little something to be desired.  In the pic you’ll also note the grease stain on the paper plate.

The crust is fine, tho the thickness is not my preference, it still makes for an enjoyable experience, crispy on the perimeter, chewy as you work your way inland.

Actual delivery time (their charge is $2) took 1 hour and 45 minutes, which in my experience, isn’t usual.

Of the people that deliver to my SW neighborhood, Bellagio’s is clearly the best choice for midday.  Evenings, I will prefer to opt for the wider selections available from Delivered Dish.

How did they do on my ultimate test for pizza?  How is it the next morning after sitting out on the counter all night?  Bellagio passes that one with flying colors!  Think I’ll have a slice right now!

Bellagio Pizza Portland

Bellagio Pizza Portland

Bellagio Pizza Portland

Bellagio Pizza Portland

Bellagios Pizza on Urbanspoon


Portland, OR – Cara Amico / Delivered Dish

cara amico portland

cara amico portland

Rang up (ok, logged on) to Delivered Dish tonight for a change of pace.  We use them quite often, really, I’ve never had a bad experience with them.  They’ve always showed up on time, and the delivery people are pretty courteous.   Delivery fees are apparently set by the individual restaurants and can range for a couple bux to ten.  There is usually a minimum $ amount food order as well.  Tonight’s occasion was that Mrs. BurgerDogBoy is out making the bacon, as she has been known to do, so that means it’s burger or pizza night (or both) for me!

I’ve never been into Cara Amico, even tho it’s older than dirt, as far as Portland restaurants go (1949).   That’s even older than BurgerDogBoy!

But we had ordered a couple of  delivered dinners from them before (also thru Delivered Dish) and I recalled once I had them include a small pie, merely as an afterthought.    I seem to recall it was pretty good.

And since my local Dominos bit the big one (two owners in a row!), and  Apu, over at 7-Eleven, hasn’t gotten around to putting in the new whiz bang Turbo oven to crank out the 7-Eleven two minute pizzas yet, I have to scrounge around for delivered pies.

So I ordered the large pie (at 18 inches, larger than most pizzeria larges), with three toppings, Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, and extra cheese.  Cara Amico offers you a choice of several different sauces as well, but one type of crust only, a thin baby (fine with me).

My email order confirmation said my pie would be delivered at (approximately) 6:37pm, and it is now 6:17.   Tick…..tick…..tick….

So they pulled in the driveway at  6:39, but only because he cruised by twice, couldn’t see the house number, I guess.  We concluded our transaction quickly, and I zipped up to the kitchen to pop open the box and examine my prize.

It’s not 18″, it’s 15″ x 13″ of rectangular goodness.   That’s 195 square inches.   (18″ round would have added another 25% of noshing surface, if you’re wondering).  The crust is “New York thin”, which is fine for me tonight. Crispy at the rim, chewy working inland.  Strong enough to hold the toppings, and no hang or slippage at all.  Nice.  I am surprised at how much this pizza weighs!  It’s a heavy sucker! (No, we don’t have any scales in this house, what are you, nuts?)

The irregular shape of the pie tells me it is definitely hand-formed.  There’s a slight char in spots, which is fine as well.  The bulk sausage is crumbly, also fine with me, I like it small, I like it big, as long as it wasn’t formed in a machine.  There’s ample quantities of the sausage (in fact the pie is wall to wall with it) as well as the pepperoni, which is mild.

Real damned cheese, too. The red sauce is mild, there’s some fresh garlic somewhere.   (Tell them if you don’t want it, or tell them you don’t want it and to put the extra on my next order!)

It’s big, it’s beautiful, and it’s filling! Eating as I am typing this, I have come to the realization I won’t be able to finish 3 slices.  Wow. But baby, that means ‘za for breakfast!  YAY!

(Postscript)  Mrs BDB came home from her event and enjoyed a couple of slices, a rare event for her – she liked the heavy garlic and mild sauce.  As for me? I can report positively on my usual “morning after test.”   A night on the kitchen counter doesn’t diminish the quality or taste of this pie.  Yummy brekky!

Pic of pie is mine. Pic of exterior is from their website.


Cara Amico Pizza Portland

Cara Amico Pizza Portland

Cara Amico Pizza Portland

Cara Amico Pizza Portland


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Tigard,OR – Pizza Caboose


Pizza preferences are such a personal thing, aren’t they? One man’s cheese eden is another man’s slop. Same with crust, sauce, toppings. I can forgive a lot of deficiencies if the crust and/or toppings are superb.

Pizza Caboose, in Tigard, OR, a suburb of Portland, delivers their pizzas in “radio dispatched trucks with ovens”, and judging by the size of the fleet when I have driven past this joint, a lot of people’s personal preferences must match the Caboose’s recipe.

It’s somewhat spendy for delivery pizza, the large (16″) Caboose Special (salami, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, black olives, mushrooms, beef and Italian sausage, cost me $30 delivered, including tip.

I order from them about 3x a year, only, but I have never been unhappy with the pie. We’ve eaten inside there once, and that was ok as well, but it’s more of a place to take your kids than a place for an adult night out.

As I said above, I can forgive certain deficiencies in a pie if the crust and toppings are superb, and, both of those criteria are met here, but there’s really nothing to forgive. The Caboose is extremely generous with the toppings, as you can see, the cheese is quality, the sauce non-offensive, and the crust holds up well upon delivery, through consumption, and even when left out on the counter overnight, and eaten the next morning (the true test for me on how good a pizza is). Their crust is not thin, and not thick, but crispy and chewy at the same time, with a hint of buttery flavoring goodness.

No puddles of grease, no congealed cheese the next morning, and probably my favorite thing about the whole experience, is a really excellent grade of hand-pulled Italian sausage, packed with flavor and with adequate amounts of fennel (to my taste).

The other pork toppings are equally up to my standards. The mushrooms and black olives, not so much, but I really don’t care about them anyway.

I don’t really rate the places I go to, other than to say as I have here, whether they meet my preferences, or not, and perhaps that helps you decide whether they meet your own ideals.

No online ordering, but the menu is reproduced below.   Give them a call, and have a ‘radio dispatched oven truck’ bring you a hot pie tonight.

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