Wendy’s Baconator

What the heck does that mean, anyway, Baconator? I suppose it’s a riff on “Terminator”, but it could be taken as “bacon & tator” couldn’t it? Yeah, ok, I was reaching with that one.

News came this week Wendy’s has rolled out the Bacon & Blue burger chain-wide. We sampled it when it was in test, and wrote about it here

It is cold and rainy today (what’s new for Portland) and I didn’t feel like venturing too far from home for lunch. Mrs. BDB was working with a client upstairs, so the kitchen was off limits. I don’t have a frig in the man cave, and boy, I need one.

Anyway, so I rolled down the hill to fast food lane, and Wendy’s seemed the least offensive today. Went w/ the Baconator combo, and got some of the Sweet & Sour “boneless wings” for Mrs. BDB.

Wendy’s burgers are ok, for what they are. Do they still push the “fresh never frozen” thing?

One thing I do appreciate about Wendy’s is you can personalize your burgers and most every time they get it right. (mustard, onion, and bug snot only, please!).

The fries? Awful. I would swear they are an extruded product (potato slurry pushed out of mold in the shape of fries), but they DO appear to have bits of tater skin on some of them. The texture is non-potato like, and these were undercooked, adding to my dislike of them.

But they did get my custom toppings correct, and the Baconator comes in a box, so little danger of the squished bun effect fast food so often seems to inflict.

Would Dave Thomas be pleased? Who knows? Right now he and Ray Kroc are yukking it up in burger heaven somewhere.

Picture:  Baconator with its top off.

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