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Wendy’s New Look and the Portabella Bacon Melt

The fine folks at Wendy’s suggested I try their new Portabella Bacon Melt, which is a 1/4 pound of their fresh beef, bacon, two slices of American cheese, sliced portabellas, cheddar sauce, on their new brioche bun.  The LTO brioche has replaced the LTO pretzel roll, which was a damned fine bun.

The burger is good, I like the cheese sauce and the availability of Portabellas at a fast food outlet is nice.  Crisp, flavorful bacon.  The brioche is soft, with a touch of sweetness.

I added a side of the fresh cut fries, which Wendy’s rolled out 2-3 years ago, and as I have said often, I think they are some of the best fast food fries out there.

I took my outing at a newly remodeled Wendy’s, their new concept, which features softer colors, more comfortable seating, a couple of TVs (tho on mute), and the amazing Coke Freestyle machine, which allows you to mix and match dozens of Coke products.  These puppies I like, a reminder of mixing different sodas together as a tot, it was a big deal.  We called it “swamp water.’

You now what was kind of cool about the remodel?  I asked a couple of counter people if they were laid off while the remodeling was going on, and they said no, Wendy’s let them work at other nearby outlets.  That’s great.

My pic of the burger didn’t turn out so well tonight, so here’s the official publicity photo; the sandwich I was presented didn’t vary that much from this photo.

Wendy’s keeps innovating, while others stand still.  They have my attention.

Bacon Portabella Melt on Brioche (2)


Ed. Note.  My meal was paid for by Wendy’s ad agency.

Wendy’s Premium North Pacific Cod Sandwich

I slammed McD’s on this site the other week for having nothing on their menu that tastes like the animal it came from.   That’s not a problem at Wendy’s, and especially with their new Premium North Pacific Cod sandwich, which boasts a hand-cut filet, lightly breaded with panko, fried until crispy, served on a soft roll with tartar, and lettuce.

Easily the best fast food entry in the fish line, Wendy’s has it a home run with this one, and I recommend it highly.

Incidentally, it’s also time for Wendy’s to unveil their entire new look, logos, packaging, uniforms will be changing as in this infographic , and stores are undergoing interior remodeling as well.   Look for these changes near you, and go get yourself a Premium Cod sandwich.  After all, it is Lent!  And this is a limited time offer.

Wendy's Premium Cod Sandwich

Wendy’s Portabella Bacon Melt (Burger) Review

A.  I never liked mushrooms until I was in my 5th decade; I missed a lot.  B.  The first Mrs. Burgerdogboy, on burger outings, ONLY went for variations of a mushroom/Swiss burger (shows she knew more than I)  Her “go-to” mush/Swiss was at the now defunct chain “Mr. Steak.”  C.  Portabella mushrooms are all the rage, and are actually very mature crimini mushrooms, marketed under a number of different names.

The size you’ll find on Wendy’s new Portabella Bacon Melt are often labeled “Baby Bellas” in the grocery.

Wendy’s new burger is topped with fresh cooked, thick-cut Applewood Smoked Bacon, and sautéed portabella mushrooms in a creamy cheddar cheese sauce made with Old English Cheddar.

Wendy’s shows no signs of relinquishing the # 2 spot they recently attained.  They are working hard at menu, store, and personnel upgrades.

Although I wouldn’t personally think that cheddar sauce and portabellas would be a great combo, I really liked it.  Add the applewood smoked bacon to Wendy’s fresh burger, and you’ve got a winning combination.

Speaking of combinations, I did get the combo, and Wendy’s fries upgrade continue to be one of the best in fast food.

I hope the Portabella Bacon Melt  becomes a permanent edition to the menu.

Good job, Wendy’s.

Wendy's Portabella Bacon Melt

 (Wendy’s furnished me with a gift card to try this sandwich.  The photo above is copyright, property, of Wendy’s.)


Nationwide – Wendy’s Son of Baconator

Wendy's Son of BaconatorIt’s big (yet smaller), full of bacony and beefy goodness.  It’s Wendy’s “Son of Baconator”, a smaller version (on everything except flavor!) of the popular ‘big’ baconator launched last year.

Two fresh beef patties, four strips of bacon, a buttered, toasted bun. Topped off with mayo, ketchup, and American cheese.  700 calories and 40 carbs, but lose the bun (would be a shame, but some of us must), and it weighs in at 490 calories and only 4 carbs).

As you probably know, Wendy’s has moved in to the #2 slot in the US burger hierarchy, and they deserve it, with their new offerings and innvovations.

I liked the burger, tho next time I will skip the ketchup, just not my thing.

Also got to try out the relatively new chili cheese fries, which tops W’s new natural cut fries (with sea salt) with their traditional meat chili and a gob of shredded cheese.

As far as I know, Wendy’s is the only national fast food chain offering this.  Now if we could just persuade them to offer poutine, as well!

I liked the Son of Baconator, and I’ll have it again.  The chili cheese fries?  Big enough to share!

Wendy's Chili Cheese Fries

Wendy's on Urbanspoon

National French Fry Day – News from Wendy’s

This just in from Wendy’s, in honor of National French Fry Day, tomorrow, July 13.

In honor of National French Fry Day on July 13, Wendy’s examined the growing phenomenon of dipsters, those who dip their fries into a Wendy’s Frosty. Yummm!

The combination of the sweet cold Wendy’s Frosty and sea salt hot French fries trend is on the rise—in fact, a recent national survey* revealed that 1 in 3 Americans (33%) have dipped a French fry into a Wendy’s Frosty. And more than 263,000 people online are talking about this!

The survey also found:

  • Dipsters are typically young and hip! Two times as many 18 – 34-year-olds dip their French fries in a Wendy’s Frosty versus 45 – 64-year-olds.
  • Families have jumped on the dipster wagon—nearly one of every two families (47%) have plunged their fry into a Frosty.
  • Women are as likely to dip their fry into a Wendy’s Frosty as more traditional condiments like mustard, while 18 – 24-year-olds are more than twice as likely to dip their fry into a Wendy’s Frosty versus mustard, mayo or vinegar.

(*based on survey of 1,000 Americans via Omnibus on X date)

Wendy’s New Spicy Guacamole Chicken Club

Wendy's Spicy Guacamole Chicken Club SandwichThe fine folks at Wendy’s contacted me and asked me to try out their new Spicy Guacamole Chicken Club sandwich, and furnished me with the means to do that.

They describe their newest sandwich as  “Made with a seasoned spicy chicken breast, authentic guacamole, crisp Applewood smoked bacon and pepper jack cheese.”

Chicken is rarely on my fast food radar, and a chicken sandwich even less often,  so I was game for the experience.

Wendy’s has been on a tear lately, with a top to bottom updating, examining their menu, adding new items, building prototype new outlets, and taking a hard look at their staffing as well, and so far, they get a A+ for the effort.

Customers have lauded and rewarded the efforts, as it was recently announced Wendy’s passed BK to become America’s second largest fast food chain.

I was more than happy with the sandwich.   The bun was bakery soft, the guac ultra fresh, with just a little bit of kick, and the chicken filet nicely fried with a crispy coating with a slight bit of black pepper accent.

Don’t be mislead by the term “spicy” in the description.  Some chicken chains use of the word (and accompanying spices) turns out a blazin’ hot (to my palate) piece of bird, but Wendy’s has built a sandwich designed to appeal to the masses – so you can take the word “spicy” in this instance to mean “flavorful.”

I went with the combo, and for my money, Wendy’s “new” sea salt natural cut fries continue to be one of the best offerings in the fast food side segment. Their applewood smoked bacon, available on a variety of offerings, continues to be some of the best in the biz, as well.


Wendy's on Urbanspoon

Nationwide – Wendy’s Rolls Out Chicken Guacamole Club

In a press release this week, Wendy’s announced their newest offering, the Chicken Guacamole Club.   It’s described as:

The rockin’ hot sandwich features the heat of Wendy’s original Spicy Chicken whole filet and all-natural pepper jack cheese balanced by cool zesty ranch sauce and creamy, natural guacamole. The Spicy Chicken Guacamole club is topped off with Wendy’s thick-cut applewood smoked bacon, a full slice of tomato and crisp, hand-leafed lettuce between a freshly buttered, toasted bun.

I’ll be sampling it in the next week or so, sounds terrific.  Wendy’s continues their top to bottom updating/reconfiguring and results are a resounding success, quality and taste are up several notches, in my opinion.

I continue a love affair with their natural cut, sea salt fries.  The guys at work frequently hit Wendys for take-out, and brought me a bacon double deluxe meal this week, and it’s a fine burger, on a nice buttered bun.

Wendys Bacon Deluxe


Nationwide – Wendy’s (Update)

A colleague at work ran out to Wendy’s today to fetch a pail of ….burgers for the crew.

They were doubles with cheese.

They were the pretty standard rectangular patties reminiscent of Wendy’s of old, but it was the new bun and pickle. I’m not one for burger pickles on the “sweetish” side, and Wendy’s are.

The lettuce was in tough shape and got discarded immediately. As I said in a previous post, the new fries are great just out of the fryer, but don’t hold up over any period of time.

Lunch at Wendy’s today was one of my favorite “F” words: FREE.

Other than that, I don’t have a kind word.

Dave Thomas would probably be as unhappy as Ray Kroc, if either were alive today.

Wendy's Double w/ Cheese

Nationwide – Wendy’s New “Hot and Juicy”

I’m going to try and not let poor service taint this review of Wendy’s new burger..but….

We were out tooling around last night, didn’t feel like going to the grocery or cooking, so we were in a mood to grab some fast food to take home.  Regular readers know that Mrs. Burgerdogboy is not a “burger girl”, but she suggested we grab one, and we did have some coupons in the car.

Her caveat:  she would only go to a drive-thru (Ok, we were wearing pajamas, so that’s somewhat understandable, tho we have eaten in restaurants in our PJs before……guess it depends which ones we (I) have on as to whether or not she thinks it’s a good idea!)

Into Wendy’s, our coupons called for one free cheeseburger with the purchase of fries and drink.  Seemed like a bargain until we tried to order.

Neither of us have a single bone of prejudice in our bodies, but we had a really difficult time ordering from the window person who apparently couldn’t call English her native tongue.

We thought we had accomplished the order until we got to the window, when it not only became apparent our order had not been taken correctly, but that it was taking several (OK, five) non-English native speakers to sort this simple order out.

It finally happened, and off we flew.

First off, I have had Wendy’s “new” fries before, and previously thought they were pretty OK.  I commented at the time that I thought they would be best served right from the fryer, and my opinion on that fact hasn’t changed.  Last nite’s order was a) undercooked, and b) suffering from heat-lamp-itis.  Fail.

The new burger?  I’ve previously tweeted that a number of other bloggers said it was “worth a try,”  but I don’t agree.  I don’t really notice any difference in taste from the previous burgers, which, by their own admission, they had not changed in decades.

New “butter toasted bun?”  Nothing thrilling here folks.  The marketing folks at the Wendy’s machine crow about the condiments, “premium toppings”, “fresh leaf lettuce”, “hand-sliced tomatoes”,  “crinkle cut pickles”, and “sweet red onions.”

One of the things I always liked about Wendy’s was ordering a burger for whatever condiment mood I was in personally:  “onions and mustard only”, “double pickles” or whatever.

Apparently the late Dave wants to give me new choice with the “Hot and Juicy.”  It came loaded up with these toppings and they didn’t do a thing for me.  To make matters worse for my own taste buds, few things I like more on this planet than good dill pickles.  Apparently Wendy’s decided dill wasn’t the way to go, these are more reminiscent of bread and butter pickles.  Did you research what percentage of pickles sold in the US are the bread and butter variety?  In the minority I would guess.  Adding this flavor to a burger blends sweet and savory, usually an awkward kinda thing, as it is here.

As the burger in a bag was handed to us the nanosecond we hit the #2 window, obviously it was not “cooked to order.”  Juicy?  Nah.

So, a bad experience all around.  Except for the price with the coupon, as two people ate for less than $4.00.

Will I be back?  Nah.  I gave up on Wendy’s years ago, they had a chance to win me back, didn’t.

Sorry, Dave.  And by the way, Mr. Local Franchisee?  How can you expect to run a business with help like this?  Put your best person on the order desk.  It’ll pay back.

Wendy's on Urbanspoon

Wendy’s Baconator

What the heck does that mean, anyway, Baconator? I suppose it’s a riff on “Terminator”, but it could be taken as “bacon & tator” couldn’t it? Yeah, ok, I was reaching with that one.

News came this week Wendy’s has rolled out the Bacon & Blue burger chain-wide. We sampled it when it was in test, and wrote about it here

It is cold and rainy today (what’s new for Portland) and I didn’t feel like venturing too far from home for lunch. Mrs. BDB was working with a client upstairs, so the kitchen was off limits. I don’t have a frig in the man cave, and boy, I need one.

Anyway, so I rolled down the hill to fast food lane, and Wendy’s seemed the least offensive today. Went w/ the Baconator combo, and got some of the Sweet & Sour “boneless wings” for Mrs. BDB.

Wendy’s burgers are ok, for what they are. Do they still push the “fresh never frozen” thing?

One thing I do appreciate about Wendy’s is you can personalize your burgers and most every time they get it right. (mustard, onion, and bug snot only, please!).

The fries? Awful. I would swear they are an extruded product (potato slurry pushed out of mold in the shape of fries), but they DO appear to have bits of tater skin on some of them. The texture is non-potato like, and these were undercooked, adding to my dislike of them.

But they did get my custom toppings correct, and the Baconator comes in a box, so little danger of the squished bun effect fast food so often seems to inflict.

Would Dave Thomas be pleased? Who knows? Right now he and Ray Kroc are yukking it up in burger heaven somewhere.

Picture:  Baconator with its top off.

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