Advance Pierre Pretzel Cheeseburger Review

Advance Pierre Pretzel Cheeseburger ReviewEvery time I think I have covered every single availability in the ‘heat and eat’ burger category, I run across a new one.  This week it’s the “Pretzel Cheeseburger” from Advance Pierre, arguably the largest manufacturer of heat and eat burgers, and I’ve tried a gaggle of them. While the Ohio company puts out a lot of product under its own brand names – to C stores, vending, institutions, it is also a contract manufacturer and makes products for others, like the new Steak N Shake frozen burgers.

Whereas many of these type of sandwiches call for nuking in their cello wrapper, this one reverts to the way that White Castle used to tout, namely remove wrapper, wrap in paper towel, heat 90 seconds, let sit 90 seconds.

Like many of the beef products in this category, the Advance Pierre patty has the smell and taste of the artificial smoke flavoring, added to simulate ‘grilled flavor.’ The meat patty also has corn starch and corn syrup solids added.

Curiously, even though this was at WalMart, it was priced quite a big higher than the company’s similar offerings at dollar stores and other outlets. The most I have ever paid for an Advance Pierre burger is nearly $3.00, tho, maybe more, for their C-store “Big AZ” burger.

The Pretzel Cheeseburger is relatively OK, tho the bun heated unevenly, as often happens with products in this segment.  My hack solution has always been to heat the burger patty and bun separately, but the first time, I always follow the instructions. The pretzel bun was soft in places and unchewably hard in other.  I don’t know what that happens. (Oh, go ahead, blame it on my microwave).  (But props for jumping on the pretzel bun fad).

Would I buy this again, hunt it out?  No, not when there is comparable product available for substantially less money.

For other heat and eat burgers I have tried, check out   Fred Meyer Frozen Mini Cheeseburgers, Private Selection Angus Beef Patties, and Trader Joes Kobe Style, White Castle,  to the convenience store types like Big A Angus Charbroil, the 7-Eleven Cheeseburger, Fatburger, Walgreens,  AM/PM Mini Marts, and Ball Park, to mention a few.

I think my favorite is Ball Park, but they are awfully spendy.

Advance Pierre Pretzel Cheeseburger Review

Advance Pierre Pretzel Cheeseburger Review





Advance Pierre Pretzel Cheeseburger Review

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