Amsterdam, NL – Burger Bar’s Fries

Since Belgium is next door to the Netherlands, and Belgians invented the french fry (and Smurfs), it makes sense that fries would be a popular snack in the Netherlands, and it’s one of those things you can seemingly get anywhere, including many window-sized fries only shops.

Belgian fries are twice-fried, thick-cut, and these days are offered with a wide variety of dipping sauces, everything from lowly mayo to exotics like satay.

It wasn’t quite yet burger time, (tho I regretted it wasn’t later) and we were walking by a place called “Burger Bar”, looked enticing, so we decided to get an order of fries each, to munch on as we strolled the city.

We each ordered the “small”, and Mrs. BDB took mayo with hers, and I took spicy garlic. Neither of us were disappointed, and both of us were glad we ordered the small size.

There used to be a fries place on the Santa Monica promenade, called “Benite’s Frites”, I thought it had great expansion/franchise opportunities, but apparently not, since it’s long gone. They also offered fries in small, medium, large, and one sauce came with the order, and you could buy others for (at the time, I think) a quarter each.

I’m sorry I did not get back to Burger Bar for the star attraction, as they offered a choice of Irish or US beef, or wagyu, in small, medium, and large, as well. Bun choice was sesame white, brown, or Italian Boule, and any number of toppings could be purchased, bacon, all manner of cheese, mushrooms, fried egg. The wagyu burger with bacon and cheddar would have clocked out of the register at $16 USD, a more than reasonable price.

Burger Bar has a couple of locations in the inner city, I’ll be sure to get there for real meal next time.

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