Amsterdam, NL – New York Pizza, The Original

You would have thought the proprietor would have added the name “Ray’s” in there somewhere, I would have. This shop was just around the corner from my hotel, about 50 paces, and no, I didn’t plan it that way, but it was convenient.  (He was selling slices at 10AM!)

We were on our way to breakfast, and Mrs. BDB obliged my desire to get a slice on the way, and so we popped in, and I got a slice of pepperoni.

No New Yorker would call this a New York pizza, the crust was crisp to the point of being crunchy, too much corn meal for me, and ‘charred, cupped’ pepperoni always spells ‘cheap’ on the ingredient list.    Cheese and sauce were passable.

Amsterdam is a city with a lot of artisan pizza bakers, but this was ok for a quick nosh on the street.  (This is a fairly large chain in the NL). (“It’s Freakin’ Fresh!”)

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