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Hot on the heels of Guy Fieri’s visit, Kawikamedia and the Minnesota Burger Posse stopped in at the Duluth Grill to see what all the hubbub was about. One of Duluth’s few 24 hour eateries (this town has no Dennys!), the Grill is ensconced in the industrial section of the city, next to a service station, and just off one of the town’s 8 freeway exits.

The Grill used to be an outpost of “Embers” a midwest chain started in the mid 50s in Mpls-St Paul, not many Embers left, but they used to be a refuge for the late nite bar crowd, and were a regular television advertising, with spokesperson Nancy Nelson (now of infomercial ‘fame’) touting, “And if you don’t like your meat, it will be cheerfully exchanged!”) Always struck me as funny, that line, still does, tho when I mention it to others they give me a quizzical look.

Kawika went with the jalapeno cheeseburger, for $10.29, described as “Pepper-Jack cheese and roasted pepper-onion mix smother this burger. Served on a grilled multi-grain bun smeared with fresh guacamole, topped with roasted red pepper vinaigrette and fresh sliced jalapenos.”

He pronounced it “good”. And you guys know me, I would have been over the top about waffle fries, always am!  Duluth Grill menu is online, and when I looked it up, noticed they are no longer a 24 establishment, 7a-9p only.  Duluth Grill’s burgers are from grass fed beef.

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