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No one would ever accuse Minnesota Burger Reporter Kawikamedia of not having a large heart, and when he recently ran across a group of unwashed homeless waifs, he couldn’t help feel sorry for them, and asked if he could take them to McDonalds. The waifs, knowing there is a sucker born every minute, collectively cried out “HANABI SASHIMI”, which Kawaki thought perhaps was the little chillun’s native language, but no, in fact, they were asking to be taken to Hanabi Japanese Cuisine, a small downtown restaurant.

Back in prehistoric times, when yours truly lived in Duluth, sashimi would have been mistaken by most local denizens for bait, but now, this burgeoning urbanopolis has not one, but two places to enjoy this Japanese delicacy.

The party enjoyed a round of tempura shrimp and vegetables, before launching into round after round of raw fish, eating until they were properly satiated.

As you will be, too, if you are planning on dining in the Duluth, and eschewing the local seafood scene for something more exotic!

Hanabi menu is online, and offers a wide range of Japanese and other Asian cuisines, as well as sushi and sashimi.

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