Duluth, MN – Grandma’s Saloon and Grill Valentine Dinner

duluth shippingIn the early days of Great Lakes shipping, a young Italian immigrant named Rosa Brochi opened a boarding hours for sailors near the entrance of the Duluth, MN ship canal.  She operated her business with the philosophy that every customer would leave feeling they had exemplary customer service.  In 1976,  entpreneurs Andy Borg and Mickey Paulucci opened their bar and restaurant, “Grandma’s” on the same site, and committed to offering the same standard of customer service.

Since that date, the restaurant has expanded its offerings on the site, and branched out to include nine different restaurants in Minnesota, including some of Duluth’s finest eateries.   They are also the sponsor of one of  the world’s favorite marathons, a race every June that draws thousands of entrants from all over the world.

With a menu that celebrates American and Italian cuisine with a local fare, a wide selection of craft, domestic and international beers, artisan cocktails and a decor that showcases  the heritage of the region’s past,  Grandma’s Saloon and Grill provides a regular night out for locals and a must stop for Duluth’s large tourist trade.

Valentine’s Day was celebrated by many that called Grandma’s their home for a romantic evening.  The restaurant offered a set price, multi-course meal with wine for two, or diners could opt for entrees from the regular menu.

This young couple opted for the latter, to celebrate their love for Grandma’s food!  Grandma’s menu.

Grandma's Restaurant Duluth Review

Grandma's Restaurant Duluth Review

Grandma’s Penne Pasta

Grandma's Restaurant Duluth Review

Grandma’s Butterflied Shrimp Dinner


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