Valentine Day Specials in Duluth, MN

Like all cities, Duluth has its share of restaurants that put on special meals for couples to celebrate Valentine’s Day. ┬áMost were multi-course prix fixe affairs, and some of the menus are posted here.

Among the bigger hits were the creative culinary cookery put on by G.B. Schneiders in West Duluth, and Restaurant 301 at the downtown Sheraton.

Schneider’s, at 46th Avenue West and Grand, offered a four course dinner featuring sirloin steaks, colossal shrimp, roasted asparagus, a house salad and dessert.

At the other end of town, Executive Chef Kevin Ilenda started lovers off with a beef carpaccio amuse, followed by a red beet risotto starter with French onion gratinee, which featured a vegetable beef oven reduction.

Mache greens with pomagranets and goat cheese made up the salad, with one of the entrees offered a pepper steak with potatos and red wine demi glace; other diners choose the grilled steelhead from Oregon, with cucumber and dill greek yogurt.

Dessert was a mini chocolate enrobed cheesecake.

Valentine’s Day and other special occasions are fun for chefs, they get to show off their skills and creativity. ┬áBut both of these restaurants represent the best of Duluth, and their regular menus are apt to please even the most discriminating diner.


Restaurant 301 Review

301’s Onion Soup



Restaurant 301 Review

301’s Pepper Steak


Restaurant 301 Review

301’s Steelhead



GB Schneider Review

GB “Olympic” Menu


GB Schneider Review

GB’s Dessert

All photos by, @2014, used with permission.


Valentine Day Specials

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