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Louisa's Beef Toasted RavioliIf you ever visit St. Louis, MO, locals will encourage you to spend some time on the “Hill” one of the local ethnic neighborhoods that remains relatively intact and true to its roots.   In the early days, the “Hill“, so named because it is the highest point in St. Louis, was home to clay mines, and immigrant Italians settled in the area in the 1890s – mostly as workers in the mines.

Shops and restaurants opened to cater to the Italians, and the “Hill” remains an oasis of Italian focused eateries to this day.

Specific to the area is one popular dish, which may have originated there – toasted ravioli.  Ravioli pasta is stuffed with meat or cheese, and deep fried until crispy.

Louisa Foods, of St. Louis, has elevated the status of toasted ravioli, by making it available as a frozen “heat and eat” dish available to the home consumer.

The people of Louisa have mastered the creation of a crispy ‘eat at home’ product that actually DOES crisp up in the oven.    When you think about all the frozen products you have tried for the home, that promise ‘crispness’, you will be aware of what a great feat Louisa has achieved.

The pillows of pasta are stuffed with seasoned minced beef, and come out of the oven piping hot and crispy in the right places, chewy in the center, just as you would find in a local St. Louis eatery.  I AM impressed!

Mrs. Burgerdogboy heated some as part of an appetizer dinner last nite, and served them with a side of marinara and shaved Parmesan (not included), and the package easily serves 4-6 on an appetizer basis, and for the 2 of us, would have been more than enough for a meal, all by their lonesome.

I always enjoy partaking in regional specialties, and when you find manufacturers that are successfully able to take a regional dish and make it available to the world, well, that’s a treat.

Congratulations Louisa, on a fine product.

I think I found these at our local Wal Mart.  I was not able to find a website for the company, but they have a Facebook page.  Call them to ask about availability in your area:  314-868-3000.

Louisa's Beef Stuffed Toasted Ravioli


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