My Introduction to the Fast Food Burger

McDonald’s was late in coming to my city.   One had to drive  150 miles to get to one when I was growing up.   But that’s not to say my town was fast food-less.   In addition to locally-owned establishments, our first burger chain entry was Henry’s, followed a few years later by Sandy’s.

Both were Midwestern chains, eventually both reaching between 150-200 outlets before fading from the scene.    Sandy’s was started in Illinois by a couple of guys who had one of the first McDonald’s franchises, got mad at Rayhenryssign955 Kroc, sued him, then started up their own deal.

Henry’s was started as an off-shoot of Bressler’s Ice Cream, in order to cash in on the drive-in craze, and to have additional outlets to sell their ice cream.   In the early days, Henry’s outlets far-outnumber McDonald’s.

I remember our family going to Henry’s on very rare occasions, probably when my mom was managing the brood because my dad was out of town.  I do remember the sign that touted the 15 cent burger, or ten for a buck promotion.

Sandy’s was a bit more full-line, with a “Scottish” theme, eventually sold out and converted the units to Hardees.

Here’s an old Sandy’s commercial.



One comment to “My Introduction to the Fast Food Burger”
One comment to “My Introduction to the Fast Food Burger”

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