Pacific NW – Taco Time

taco timeBeginning in Eugene, Oregon in 1959, the TacoTime Restaurant Chain now has  350+ locations in the United States, Canada and Kuwait.  Taco Time is owned by the Kahala Corporation, which operates a number of food-related franchises, including Blimpie, Cold Stone, and about 10 others.

I often joke with people that when one goes to Taco Bell, they could just order by “shape”, since the ingredients don’t really vary, just the delivery vehicle does.

Taco Time is a little different in that regard, and offera slightly “higher grade” of fast “Mexican” food that does Taco Bell.

But of course, I went to check out the Taco Burger.  The first time I ever experience a “taco burger” was at one of the first Taco John’s in 1976.   Back then, Taco Johns were a self-contained unit (basically a trailer) that was delivered to a building site and placed on a foundation.

I don’t remember, of course, what the Taco Johns burger tasted like, but I imagine it wasn’t much different than the Taco Time one I had today, seasoned meat, lettuce, tomatoes, grated cheese on a hamburger bun.   Taco Time’s was flavorful, but could have used more meat, in my opinion.   The Taco Time menu is online.   I didn’t try the “Mexi-Fries” which look suspiciously like tots!

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