AM PM Mini Marts – Burgers and Dogs


AM/PM mini marts are co-located with ARCO gas stations;  ARCO (and AM/PM) are U.S. brands of British Petroleum.

In the late 70s, AM/PM started offering heat-to-eat hot dogs & burgers, and eventually expanded to a wide variety of snack and to go foods, nestled among a pretty respectible condiment bar.

When I first started stopping there, I was living in suburban Los Angeles, and I was delighted I could get burgers or dogs any time of day or night.  Those first years, the price point was 2 / $1.00.

30 years later, they are up to 2 / $3, but still a deal.   I dove into two spicy hot dogs the other day, much akin to a Johnsonville polish,  not natural casings, but a nice snap nonetheless.    And of course, I loaded them up at the condiment bar.  A nice snack.  About 900 AM PM locations in the US West.  (Exterior photo from AM PM website).


One comment to “AM PM Mini Marts – Burgers and Dogs”
One comment to “AM PM Mini Marts – Burgers and Dogs”
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