Portland, Or – Stanich’s -NOT!

“The World’s Greatest Hamburger” the menu proclaims.  Google this place and you’ll find it is at the top of  most every burger lover in Portland.   An old neighborhood bar, walls festooned with sports crap-ola, Stanich’s has gotten down to the basics in burger lore. (Sound of car crash).

Rant:  Set out to eat here, got there, signs taped to windows “closed one week for vacation.”    Old line places often feel no need for modern uppity shit like websites and social media, but a simple tweet or line on the website saying they were closed, would have enabled me to avoid driving over there, being disappointed, and knowing I will never, ever try them now.  And that’s the 2nd time in a month I’ve driven to a place that had a stupid sign posted on the door.  Just because you’ve been in business for 50 years, doesn’t mean you need to blow off the “new way.”   Hell, I’m over 50, and I keep trying to grow and change with the times.

Anyway, no harm, no foul, because we walked down the street and undoubtedly had a MUCH superior burger at the Alameda Brewhouse.   Not only a superior burger, but root beer that I’d drive across town for, brewed on-site, their menu claims a combination of Birch, Sasparilla, and Honey.  It is really superb.  No fooling.

Met up with the roaster supremo of Cardinal Coffee for the burger adventure.  I went with the half-pound chuck burger, adorned with a slab of real roquefort and nicely thick-sliced bacon,  roaster had his without fancy dressing.   They were done medium, and accompanied by real cut fries, lightly seasoned.   The server brought additional condiments to the table.  Although she was moderately busy, we were well taken care of.   The Alameda has gobs of interesting choices on their menu,  I’ll be back….soon.

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