Portland, OR – Piroshki & A Pickle (Review)

On a desolate stretch of Corbett, Piroshki and A Pickle is a typical Portland coffee house with a twist – serving Russian style Piroshkis and half-sour pickles.

For those of you undesirous of clicking the link and navigating away from my narrative, piroshkis are stuffed Russian pastries, with either sweet or savory fillings.

While there can be some comparison to the neighborly pastries to the west of Russia, Poland’s pierogi’s, they really aren’t the same.

In any case, we munched on a beef and cheese piroshki with our coffee; we would have ordered the traditional accompaniment of a pickle, but the shop was out.

The minced beef in the pie was full of oniony-beefy flavor; ┬áif you’ve traveled to emerging economies, you’ve experienced this flavor previously.

I like this place, and we’ll try their other varieties in the future, I am sure.

Peroshki & A Pickle Portland Oregon

Beef & Cheese Peroshki

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