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OK, so I am “late to the party” in trying Domino’s “new recipe.”  Reason being, there are no outlets near my house.  There used to be one within spitting distance, but at least a couple of different operators couldn’t make a go off it, despite being within blocks of a large college.  So it was just circumstance that enabled me to finally try their new recipe.

Sidebar:  are you old enough to remember the Mary Tyler Moore show, and that she lived in those high rise apartments in Minneapolis?  I used to live in that building, and the population alternated between starving students and “dicey denizens.”  Dominos was the only pizza place that would deliver to that neighborhood, so I consumed more than a few back in my salad days.

Now, nearly 40 years later, to me, the “new recipe” ain’t that big a change.

I had read lots of reviews online when the product first changed, and one overwhelming comment I read was “too much garlic.”  Not so on my pie, but maybe they toned it down.

My thin and crispy was neither, and while the “Meatzza” toppings (pepperoni, ham, savory Italian sausage and beef topped with an extra layer of cheese) were ample, none of them stood out for flavor or texture.  Looking at their website now, it appear that the baker opted to create the “hand-tossed” crust instead of the thin and crispy I ordered.   It was lunch time, so they had a special medium price of $10.99, which wasn’t so bad.

Would I order again?  Doubtful, unless I was on the road and Domino’s was my only option.  To me, it’s no better or worse than Pizza Hut or any other comparable chain.  If I just wanted “hot pizza-like product”, I’d opt for price point and go with cheap-o Little Caesars, at $5 for pepp, or $8 for three meat, no waiting required.

I do have to say, the single employee at the store was great, tho.

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