“Pre-Cooked Weight”

I often wish, ok, not that often, well, pretty often, ok ALL THE TIME…..that I would have started weighing McDonald’s burgers years ago so I could track the evolution of shrinkage. And the fishwich, as well, dammit!

Anyway, today I picked up my first 1/3 pound* (*pre-cooked weight) (the box asterisk says “Guaranteed Pre-Cooked Weight to be at least 5.33 oz).

Whatever. The box and all weighed about 9 oz; burger, bun & dressing just a hair over 8 oz; patty, 3 strips of bacon, 2 slices “cheese”, and 3 pickle chips, a hair over 5 oz.

Taste? This was the bacon cheeseburger selection, and of course, like all McDonald’s hamburgers, there is an overwhelming taste of ketchup, or catsup, as you like. The second strongest flavor was the smoke of the bacon, probably liquid spray, too costly to smoke bacon for the mass market over wood chips.

The meat itself tastes (to me) exactly like a larger version of the 1/4 pounder. Nothing special. Bigger is better these days in the burger world. Just ask Hardee’s, if you don’t believe me.


precooked PNG

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