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Every city has their own “local favorites.”   These places have been around for years, and if there is more than one, usually there is an intense local rivalry as to which is better.  Usually, “outsiders”, don’t “get it.”   I know that when I have taken people to partake in my own hometown favorite pizza or chili dogs, many have come away scratching their heads.

 Such was the case with me at Dick’s Drive In, in Seattle.   I was there at “opening bell,” so to speak, 10:30 in the AM, and so were more than two dozen cars, the occupants of which rushed the windows when they opened promptly on time.

 Dick Spady started his first restaurant over 50 years ago, and not much has changed.  They are still doing things the “old-fashioned” way,  scooping ice cream for shakes by hand, and cutting potatoes for fries.

 The boy in window (pictured) was working hard at putting spuds thru the slicer, and into a chilled bath.  These were “once-fried”, not twice, so they lacked any hint of crispness, but were nicely seasoned.  In fact, the fries might be the attraction, as I witnessed several burger buyers opt for one sandwich, and multiple orders of fries.

 The burgers?   At a buck and forty for a cheeseburger, I would have been better off at McDonalds.  In fact, this burger seemed to me to be exactly like your basic McDonalds cheeseburger, right down to the size, texture, taste, and condiments. ( I scored the coffee at a nearby Vietnamese market, not at Dick’s).

 Say, wasn’t one of the original McDonald brothers named Dick?   You don’t think…….nah…..

 Now with five locations, I  hit the original on 111 NE 45th

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