Seattle – Places I Didn’t Get To

Well, one can’t check out one chili legend without checking out  the other, can they?  That would be like going to Cincinnati, hitting up Gold Star, and not Skyline!  Unconscionable!  

I wanted to check out Slim’s Last Chance Chili Shack  – the Chili Cheese Burger: Hand pressed certified angus seasoned beef burger served open faced smothered with Texas Red & cheese  (Tillamook cheddar) for  $10.50.  If I had more room, I would have waded through the Chili Cheese Kobe Dog as well.   White Cheddar Grits as a side sounded fine, but I went with plain old fries.   And dipped them in my chili, or course.  Unfortunately, Slim’s opens later than the rest, so I’ll have to hit it next time.

 None of the pizza places opened before dinner time (????), so they are on my list for next time too, along with the other pictured burger joints which were accidental drive-bys.


































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