Giacobbinos Take Bake Pizza Review

Giacobbinos Take Bake Pizza Review

Although I have seen these in Chicagoland groceries for some time, I’ve been reluctant to try Giacobbinos, at $13 I thought that was a little spendy for a take and bake pie.

At last, the local Jewel-Osco chain had a BOGO on them last week, so greedy pizza monster that I am, I picked up four. The BOGO put them in the price range with most other frozen pies.

It should be noted that these pies are the spawn of a popular local chain, with their own frozen line, Connie’s.

The first thing you will notice, and certainly a justification for the price, is these suckers weigh in  at FOUR POUNDS, so even at full price, that works out to 27 cents an ounce, reasonable in the segment.

Giacobbinos Take Bake Pizza ReviewMy store had three choices, sausage, pepperoni or cheese. Took some of each. Cooked the sausage one first.  These are pan-style pizzas, a thicker crust, cheese, sauce, toppings construction order.

In my pic, you’ll see about one-quarter of the baked pie has a slightly different coloration, not sure why, maybe that spot in the oven was hotter or colder.

After the prescribed amount of time and temp, the edges of the pie remained chewy, but the bottom was pretty hard. The crust has a pleasant buttery flavor added. Giacobbinos Take Bake Pizza Review

It’s a hearty sauce (thicker) mildly flavored.  The cheese was ample and quality.  Good “pull.”  I liked the sausage, it is flavorful and “hand-pulled” in appearance, but my personal preference is larger pieces.

I’ll buy it again when there is another BOGO.  In the meantime, I have three in the freezer. Side view of a slice, weird focus with “food setting” on camera!   If you want to experience a Connie’s pizza in person, hit their factory location a couple of miles southwest of the Chicago loop.  But a similar pie will cost you at least double the grocery version.

Video from the manufacturer’s website.






Giacobbinos Take Bake Pizza Review