Home Cookin’ – Falls Brand Frankfurters

For over 100 years, the Independent Meat Company of Twin Falls, has been cranking out quality sausages and processed pork products under the “Falls” brand. They are also the purveyor of “Salmon Creek” brand of natural pork products.

On my recent road trip, I picked up a few packages of their products, the natural casing frankfurter, a chorizo, and a smoked sausage.

We had the chorizo for tacos last nite, this isn’t the crumbly kind of chorizo that people are used to in the SW U.S., but rather than ‘hard’ casing kind, more akin to the traditional Spanish product. We diced and sauteed it for the tacos, and the result was outstanding. Great flavor. A fairly lean product, so you don’t end up with a skillet of reddish oil like you would from the Mexican style crumbly chorizo.

I did the frankfurters on the Weber, something I rarely do, as most hot dogs are pre-cooked, and grilling them is overkill. Their frank is a beef/pork mix, very mildly seasoned, in a natural casing, tho they make a line of skinless wieners as well.

Falls products are available in about a dozen states in the West, a product locator is online.

They also have a nice collection of recipes.

For a natural casing frank, you can’t do much better than Falls, and they are priced slightly less than comparable national brands.

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