Sheboygan Sausage Natural Casing Wiener Review

Sheboygan Natural Casing Wiener Review From their site: Since 1933, Sheboygan Sausage Company has been crafting a wide array of sausages with all the Old World goodness our customers expect. Our products include natural casing wieners, bratwurst, Italian sausage, summer sausage, little smokies, and braunschweiger.

They make quality products, using old world recipes and is now part of American Foods Group, out of Kansas City.

I stumbled upon the ‘coarse grind’ natural casing wieners, and I’m glad I did.  I am a weenie snob, and always delighted to find a quality dog in a casing. Not too many stores stock natural casing hot dogs, as they represent less than 5% of the dogs sold in the U.S.

And the ingredient list for these is a dream: Pork, water, beef, salt, spices.  No filler. No corn syrup solids. No vegetable protein. A dog eater’s dream.

If you can find these, buy them. They’ll cost you. Whereas you can find some brands of “hot dogs” (usually with a lot of chicken or turkey as an ingredient) for a buck a pack or so, a package  of good natural casing wieners will cost you about a buck per dog. For my money, well worth it.





Sheboygan Sausage Natural Casing Wiener Review

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Boars Head Hot Dogs Review

Boars Head Franks ReviewIt’s “hot dog week” for me, here in the middle of “National Hot Dog Month,” and in advance of “National Hot Dog Day.”

Well, I don’t need an official designation to celebrate hot dogs, I love them and they are a part of my regular “diet.”

I’m especially fond of natural casing dogs, unfortunately, most of America isn’t, NC’s make up less than five percent of the hot dogs sold in the country.

Especially an all beef dog, with minimal additives and preservatives, that’s the ticket.

Today I’m having Boar’s Head weenies, a company that started in the early 1900s in Brooklyn, and is now a national manufacturer and distributor of real size, sell sausages, deli meat, cheese, and condiments.

The Boar’s Head dog ingredient list is short: beef, water, paprika, salts, flavorings in a sheep casing. Perfect.

Around here, they are about $7.50 a pound, or a buck a dog, and that seems to be the price point for most quality NC dogs.

Boar’s Head I can depend on and purchase almost anywhere in the country. When I’m in the Midwest, I like one from a brand called “Old Wisconsin,” and of course, the legendary Chicago manufacturer, Vienna Beef.

Have a dog or ten to celebrate the month and grillin’ season!  Boar’s Head are manufactured in their plant at Jarratt, VA, USDA establishment number M12612, pictured below.  Jarratt is on I-95, about 40 miles south of Richmond.

Boars Head Franks Review

Boar’s Head Virginia Plant






Boars Head Hot Dogs Review

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Regional Profile – Sabrett Hot Dogs, Part 7

Natural Casing Beef Franks & Sauerkraut

I was really looking forward to the day we’d test these.  NC dogs are my favorite, and I love them with kraut and mustard.   Sabrett furnished us with all three components.

Sabrett’s Natural Casing Beef franks come 6 to a package, slightly longer than bun length; beef, water, salt, seasonings, smoke flavoring.  Certified gluten free.

Sabrett brand kraut package contains sauerkraut, water, and salt.   Sauerkraut is fun and easy to make at home, as well, its just shredded cabbage, salt, and six weeks of waiting!

I rolled these dogs around on a cast iron skillet to emulate the flat top griddle again.  Mrs. Burgerdogboy and I dressed them the same way, kraut and mustard only.   We used the Sabrett mustard, which is a really good product, very slightly hot, thick, great flavor.

I love these dogs.  Even tho I live on the opposite coast of where they are generally available in stores, I’m glad I can order them to be shipped out, when my urge arises.

Sabrett Skinless Bun Length Franks

Sabrett Natural Casing Frank

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Home Cookin’ – Falls Brand Frankfurters

For over 100 years, the Independent Meat Company of Twin Falls, has been cranking out quality sausages and processed pork products under the “Falls” brand. They are also the purveyor of “Salmon Creek” brand of natural pork products.

On my recent road trip, I picked up a few packages of their products, the natural casing frankfurter, a chorizo, and a smoked sausage.

We had the chorizo for tacos last nite, this isn’t the crumbly kind of chorizo that people are used to in the SW U.S., but rather than ‘hard’ casing kind, more akin to the traditional Spanish product. We diced and sauteed it for the tacos, and the result was outstanding. Great flavor. A fairly lean product, so you don’t end up with a skillet of reddish oil like you would from the Mexican style crumbly chorizo.

I did the frankfurters on the Weber, something I rarely do, as most hot dogs are pre-cooked, and grilling them is overkill. Their frank is a beef/pork mix, very mildly seasoned, in a natural casing, tho they make a line of skinless wieners as well.

Falls products are available in about a dozen states in the West, a product locator is online.

They also have a nice collection of recipes.

For a natural casing frank, you can’t do much better than Falls, and they are priced slightly less than comparable national brands.

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