Regional Brands, Hoffy, Part 3 – Bacon Dogs

Hoffy Bacon Wrapped Hot DogsOnce upon a time, in the not too distance past, someone, somewhere, decided the city of Los Angeles needed to give its blessing to “an official hot dog for L.A.”

Time passed, the public was lobbied, people voted, and the powers that be proclaimed “the official hot dog of Los Angeles is a bacon-wrapped hot dog!”

And so it was ruled, and so it became the law of the land.

Hoffy seized the opportunity to combine two of their top products from the manufacturing line – high quality hot dogs, and high quality bacon, and produce the first grocery store available bacon-wrapped dogs for the home cook.

We sampled Hoffy’s bacon dogs this week, and are pleased to say the results of our tests…….superb!

Hoffy has taken an over-sized skinless wiener and wrapped it in their excellent bacon, you only need heat in a skillet or on the grill for a delicious and different treat.

What makes it so good?  Well, for Mrs. Burgerdogboy and I, we both like that the bacon took the dog to a new level in flavor, and added a depth to the taste.  The crispiness of the bacon also gives the hot dog some crunch/snap of it’s own, even tho it’s a skinless frank.

Preparing these at home worked best for me when I paid attention to two things:  1) beginning the cooking process with the side of the hot dog DOWN that has the loose bacon end.  That way it won’t unravel at an inopportune time.  The other step I took was to mind the stove during the process, rotating the dog numerous times to insure that the bacon was cooked evenly.  Not paying attention could lead to some lopsidedness in the bacon doneness factor.

An excellent product, Hoffy people.  We’re sure it’s going to be a huge success, in Los Angeles, and wherever Hoffy products are sold.

If you can’t find them in your local store, ask the store to stock them regularly.  While you are waiting, order some from Hoffy’s site online.

Here’s a pic of what these bacon babies look like just before consumption!

Hoffy Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

(Ed. Note: products were furnished to us by manufacturer).

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