Buffalo Blue Cheese Chicken Sausage

Picked these up on my sausage fest at Sheridan Fruit Company in Portland. I’m not one to usually go for poultry-based sausages, but I do like the Buffalo flavor (except I don’t eat wings), and I love blue cheese.  I thought those two things might prevail in these tubular delights.

The one advantage to poultry sausages, and more so turkey, than chicken, is the flavors of the meats are so benign themselves, that they become very malleable when one adds different seasonings.

These sausages are too big for a conventional hot dog bun, but I’m

Ikea Mustard

Ikea Swedish Mustard

gonna give that a whirl.  I might try a couple different condiments, too, including a “Swedish mustard” (who knew?) that I grabbed a couple weeks ago at Ikea.

They cooked up nice in a cast iron skillet;  I generally par-boil raw sausage before pan-frying, and did that with these as well.

Mrs. BDB was on her way out the door to creating a  birthday celebration for herself (Happy Birthday, Mrs. BDB!), and wanted to try a bite or two before exiting for the afternoon.

She’s not a fan of blue cheese in any form, and her first bite was her last.  It was my turn.  Slice, slice, slice.  Debate about seasoning or condiments spins in my brain.  Go instead with just the naked fat boy.  Forgo the Ikea mustard for another day.

Sheridan Fruit Co. Buffalo Blue Cheese Chicken Sausage

Buffalo Blue Cheese Chicken Sausage

Picked up a slice to look at it first, curious about what they used for blue cheese (real or flavor) – the buffalo sauce/seasoning gave the sausages a tint as one would expect.

I was surprised to see chunks of chicken in with the ground meat, that’s something you don’t see very often in sausages made in the US.  A coarse cut sausage is more likely to be discovered in a Paris bistro, in my opinion.  Most Americans don’t want to really “see” what they are eating.

Bottom line?   Really didn’t care for these.  Although I liked the buffalo/blue cheese combo concept, there is another background taste here which I don’t like and can’t place.

This surely doesn’t put me off from buying a million more sausages at Sheridan though.   Everything I have had so far has been truly grand.

Buffalo Blue Cheese Chicken Sausage

Buffalo Blue Cheese Chicken Sausage

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