On Being Diabetic and Eating This Kind of Stuff

I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes about 2 years ago. Decades of not paying attention, being overweight, not exercising.  I can still enjoy all these foods I write about, but in moderation, which should have been the case from the get go.  I guess I was absent that day in health class.

I’ve made good progress in getting it under control, tho, or I should say, we’ve made good progress, for combating any disease requires (usually) a strong advocate/partner, and Mrs. Burgerdogboy has been there for me on this one, helped me modify my habits, gotten me to eat a lot more fruit and vegetables, dutifully peeled oranges, sliced celery and carrots, mastered baking with sugar substitutes, kept me stocked with sugar free jello, and searched out some sugar free candies and such for my snacking.

It’s tougher to maintain the straight and narrow on the road, but I just think of her looking at me, telling me she wants me to live a good long life, and I snap back into line.

I owe her a debt for this, that I can never repay.  I hope she knows that.  (Update 2015: turns out she was lying.  She secretly wished me dead. She deserves an Oscar for her performances feigning care and concern. LOL).

One comment to “On Being Diabetic and Eating This Kind of Stuff”
One comment to “On Being Diabetic and Eating This Kind of Stuff”
  1. She knows. But you’re still going to find it tough to eat sensibly while on the road, with or without help. The only tool travelers have is portion control.

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