The Grand Canyon. Huh?

(Editor note – I am currently traveling and will be mostly posting reviews that I left unfinished for one reason or another, while building up a repertoire of the new places I hit!  There will also be reviews from some new reporters we have signed up).

I was on my way back to the left coast from a business trip to Dallas;  Mrs. Burgerdogboy had often expressed a desire to see the Grand Canyon, and my life is all about making her dreams come true! (Happy wife, happy life!)   So I was going to have her fly down and meet me, pick her up at the PHX airport, have a romantic sojourn at this special spa hotel I know in Sedona, and then go up to the Grand Canyon.

Turns out she was busy at home with one of her  friends, and couldn’t make it.   I should have known, every time I book an expensive hotel for us, something goes awry!

Oh well, I spent a nite anyway, had a bottle of wine, a hot tub and massage before heading up to the big canyon.  And I just have to say, who the heck was President when they built this thing?  What a waste of money!  Just a big ditch, good for spittin’ in, peein’ in, and yellin’ in.

I don’t get it.

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