Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

We’ve given the entire staff of Burgers, Dogs, Pizza the rest of the week off to enjoy the traditional American holiday with their families.   We’ll be celebrating at home, as well, but now with any of the foods we write about –  no, Mrs. Burgerdogboy has been preparing the traditional Thanksgiving repast for days, roasted turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, jello salads, green bean casserole, an assortment of pies.

It’s a pot-luck, as well, for family and friends, so there will be new and exciting dishes to try!   Looking forward to that!

I’m thankful for everything and everyone in my life – including all of the readers of this site, which hail from about 100 different countries every week! (Hello you guys in Macau, Reunion, and Vietnam!

Wow.   A whim, that turned into a hobby, that turned into a business.  How can I not be thankful?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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