“Gas Station Sandwiches” – Winco Grocery

Winco is a local grocery chain spread across the West; I’ve written about it’s history and it’s fresh pizza previously.   Today, we’re continuing to explore one of my favorite topics, what I call “gas station sandwiches.”

Winco’s Turkey and Havarti Ciabatta comes with turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and nothing else.  At $2.06, it’s a helluva bargain compared to other similar products or the sandwich chains.

It weighs in at about 9-10 ounces (it’s not shown on the package), and purchase today 10/23, i has an expiration date of tomorrow. (“Use by”).

The turkey is standard pressed chopped and formed lunch meat, “honey roasted” with a 2% brine injection.   The ciabatta was relatively fresh-baked, and note that the sandwich comes without any dressing, more than likely to keep the bread from being soggy.  (A small failure in that regard, one portion of the bun was a bit soggy).

The sandwich tastes “fresh”, and as I previously stated, is a good value.

Winco is a terrific store, if you’re willing to SHOP it.  Go with any of the store brands and you’re bound to save a dollar or two off the brand names.

I like the meat and seafood counters as well.  They have a very deep variety of cuts and types.    We’re fond of their pre-prepared carne asada meat, as well as their sausages.  They have a large selection of bulk foods, as well.

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