Home Cookin’ – Marie Callender’s Scalloped Potatoes and Ham

Marie Callender's Scalloped Potato and Ham BakeAccording to the website, this is a “Multi-Serve Bake” product, as opposed to a “Complete Meal” or “One Dish Entree”.   1 hour in a conventional oven, or far less in your nuker (about 10 mins), and this product comes out ready-to-eat.  Personally, I think anything that contains a protein, starch, and dairy, would qualify as “a meal”, but apparently ConAgra sees it differently.

Let rest for 5 minutes before serving.  Box says there are three servings, and each one contains 43% of your daily sodium requirement.   But then, most pre-pared or canned foods contained high amounts of sodium.  Trust me on this, if you are under 30, start paying attention to that salt!

To us, the flavor was quite good, tho the diced ham chunks are a little small, and the remind me of the flavor of the dried beef that comes in jars.  Salty as well.  Now me, I like salt, even tho I shouldn’t have it, so overall, I found the dish to be a pleasurable experience, and would buy it again.

Marie Callender's Scalloped Potato and Ham Bake

Just Out of the Oven


Marie Callender's Scalloped Potato and Ham Bake

Plated Product


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