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Ovenworks brand frozen pizza is a pie that hails from Eau Claire (“oh clare”), Wisconsin, and proudly brandishes a phrase on their packaging “featuring 100% Wisconsin real Wisconsin cheese and premium ingredients.”  The company has been in business for over twenty-five years, and the pies are shipped out of a factory in tiny Glen Flora, Wisconsin, and the products have limited geographical distribution in the Upper Midwest.

I got the combo, which for Ovenworks means sausage and pepperoni.  In the Upper Midwest, this crust is called “thin”, in other parts of the country it would qualify as “ultra thin.”   Whichever label you affix to it, it’s the style I prefer.

Instructions call for 10-14 minutes at 425.  At 12, it seemed to be done.  The first thing I noticed upon taking it out of the oven, was it SMELLED like a pizzeria.  A nice surprise.   And using ‘shaved’ cheese instead of shredded is brilliant, it provides for a nice edge to edge melt.  There is a smattering of cheddar mixed in, I don’t think I have seen that outside of the St. Louis area before, where it is common.

I would like a larger quantity of toppings, but their flavor is good.  The sausage is very mild.  The sauce has a little tang to it, and the crust is extra crispy on the outer perimeter, and gets chewier as you work your way in.   That’s a good thing.

Their full line includes several different choices of crust styles, and some gluten free offerings as well.

I’d never heard of this pie before.  It’s a nice addition to the frozen pie choices.  I like it.

Ovenworks Frozen Pizza

Prior to baking












Ovenworks Frozen Pizza

Baked Pie

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