Niles, IL – White Eagle Restaurant and Banquets

The White Eagle has been the go to banquet center in Near NW Chicago for over 50 years. They can accomodate groupss as small as 6 or as large as 1500. When we were there in their restaurant today, there were four events going on somewhere else in the massive hall.

The menu is Polish, as the location, on Milwaukee Avenue, is just a short jog up from the Polish center of Chicago. Chicago is the largest Polish population concentration in the world, after Warsaw.

The best deal, for two or more people, is the “Host Family Style Dinner”, at $10.50 per, includes soup or salad, bread basket, two types of pierogies, noodles, mashed potatoes, and three entrees.  On the latter, we opted for sausage/kraut, chicken, and goulash.  The server goofed and brought us brisket in gravy instead of the sausage, but when it was pointed out, quickly brought the sausage (and left the brisket!).

These very ample servings, and while there is a “no seconds” policy, you are able to take home the leftovers, and I’m sure we have enough for another two meals.

The taste, quality was top-notch.  Certainly not what you would expect from a banquet type facility.   For a couple bucks more, you can add a soup or salad (whatever you didn’t opt for on the previous menu, and dessert).

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