Jets Pizza Review – New Hope, MN

Started by two Michigan brothers in 1978, this Upper Midwestern chain specializes in what I’d call “Detroit Style” pizza. A bit thicker crust, square in shape, square cut. They offer several different sizes, including one that’s “all corners.”

There are now about 350 Jet’s Pizzas in 19 states, mostly franchise owned and operated.  I could be mistaken, but usually I’m not, I think the entire chain is carry out/delivery only.

The outlet I visited, in a suburb of the Twin Cities, was ultra busy, and ultra high production oriented.  My large sausage and “bold pepperoni” plus olives pie took 12 minutes on the conveyor oven.  Enthusiastic and friendly staff. A lot of them!

In addition to pizza, the menu offers salads, subs, a couple of chicken products, and their variations on “crazy bread,” or whatever the real name is for baked slices of pizza dough with a variety of toppings.

You know what?  I was impressed.  This is a far more flavorful pie, with more toppings, than any other high production chain. It runs circles around Dominos, Papa Johns, Caesars, and Pizza Hut, for sure.

The sausage was flavorful, the pepperoni indeed “bold” (they also have regular), nice pull on the cheese, and the sauce had it’s own distinct flavor.

Good job, Jett boys.  And thank yer ma for coming up with the recipe.

Locator.  Menu below.

Jets Pizza Review

Jets Pizza Review

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Jets Pizza Review

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