Hmong Marketplace Review – St. Paul, MN

Hmong MarketplaceForty years ago, the first Hmong arrived in Minnesota, due to the efforts of volunteer relief groups in the State.

(The Hmong are members of mountainous tribes across Southeast Asia, but many of the refugees come from Laos).

Today there are nearly 80,000 Hmong living in Minneapolis- St. Paul, and of course, any indigenous group (and this is the largest urban population of Hmong in the world) needs to conduct commerce.

To that end, a couple of different Hmong marketplaces have sprung up in St. Paul, and I visited one on Como Avenue within sight of the state Capitol. ┬áSpread throughout and outside several buildings, inside you’ll find narrow, winding corridors with shops selling all manners of goods, like DVDs, CDs, clothing, home remedies, and of course, food. There are at least two meat sellers and many fresh vegetable stands (think of them as Asian farmer’s markets) and the produce is an unusual addition for the home cook and very economically priced.

Should you feel a might peckish during your shopping, rest assured there are many hot food stands, whether your taste leans toward pho, noodle dishes, rice plates, or giant sausages on a stick, you’ll find something to satisfy your appetite.

The Hmong Marketplace is open 8AM – 8PM seven days at 217 Como Avenue. You should check it out.

Hmong Marketplace



Hmong Marketplace Review

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