Nationwide Chain – Sbarro’s

Sbarro is the king of mall pizza, arguably.  And the chain recently entered voluntary bankruptcy.  I saw an article recently that called Sbarro “America’s least essential restaurant,” and that may well be true.

I hadn’t been to one in a long time, but finding myself trapped in a mall the other day, I deciced to try a slice, and $6.88 later, but one slice of sausage/pepp and a bottle of water, I found myself contemplating the crust.

Why the crust?  Well, the sausage, and pepperoni (diced, what’s with that?) were nothing to write home (or here) about; nor was the cheese.

The crust?  I’d like to try and make a pun about “the crust was to die for,” but in reality, the crust was so hard, it could kill someone.   Note the video.

When you are contemplating your shopping experience, I heartily recommend you limit yourselves to malls with Villa Pizza outlets.  A vastly superior product.


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