Nationwide – Sizzler “All the Goldfish You Can Eat”

Yes, that’s a silly title.  But it’s true, on the Sizzler salad bar, they have goldfish crackers as one of the toppings.

I went to Sizzler recently, all by myself, because I am surrounded by silver spooners who believe places like Sizzler are too “down market” for them.   But as you guys know,  rotund personalities (like me) enjoy the notion of “all you can eat” on occasion, and Sizzler is one place you can satisfy that urging on the cheap!

Sizzler began in Los Angeles in 1958, and a steak was $1.19.   There have been a couple of similar cheap steak experiences in my life, like Best Steak House in Minneapolis, or Tad’s in NY, both of which specialized in a steak dinner with all the trimmings at a very low price.

You can satisfy yourself on the same basis at Sizzler, where the value menu starts at $9.99 and includes the endless salad bar, which is so much more than salads!   In addition to the ample greens ingredients, there are soups, taco fixings, pasta fixings, wings, rings, and more.

I went with the 6 oz tri-tip, and my pass at the salad bar included their BLT salad, a mess o cottage cheese, cherry tomatoes, black olives, creamy blue cheese dressing, chunks of real blue cheese, sunflower seeds, a few goldfish, and croutons.  Plus a hefty helping of fresh cut fruit!   Garlic cheese toast came with my dinner selection and was delivered hot right to the table.

A choice of starches with the entree yielded a giant baked potato with your choice of toppings.

And how was the steak?  Cooked to order and perfectly fine.  I’ve been to bargain steak houses before where the ‘steaks’ were all identical – pressed, chopped, and formed, as it were, but not at Sizzler.

And free crayons and coloring place mats to boot!

Take the family – the kids will enjoy the make your own Sundae bar.  Find one near you.

Sizzler Selection Salad Bar

Sizzler Selection Salad Bar

Sizzler Tri-tip

Sizzler Tri-tip

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