No Soda for Young Men

Old men like root beer, that’s a fact, and I am no exception, it seems, tho I have liked it since before I was “old?”   I’m always on the hunt for a new (old) one, and regional samples as well, this weekend I plowed through three (there goes the blood sugar!),  Fitz, Frostie, and Route 66.

I’m happy so many shops are carrying “nostalgia soda” these days, used to be a time I’d have to trek to Glendale and hit up the Galco’s store, arguably the world’s largest old-fashioned soda store.  Bubble Up, even.  Dr. Pepper in glass.  Ahhhh.

Nostalgia root beers are fun for me for a variety of reasons, some for old fashioned recipes, some for using pure can sugar, some for the bottle graphics, even.

This week’s choices are not so uncommon, but fun, nonetheless.

Fitz is alocal brew from St. Louis.  It started at a small drive in during the 40s, which is still in operation today, and you can watch root beer being brewed on the spot.   Fitz uses cane sugar and is known for its smooth and creamy flavor (no argument from me).  You can buy online.

St. Louis is the home to another popular brand IBC, which, like so many root beers, grew out of the brewery business during prohibition.

Frostie is another cane sugar beverage, started in Maryland, it’s been sold many times over, and is currently in the hands of Leading Edge Brands, of Temple, Texas. (They also market KIST brand sodas).

And finally, there’s Route 66 Root Beer, coming out of Lebanon, MO, a marketing idea to take advantage of Route 66 nostalgia (which I am certainly guilty of, I drive a couple parts of it a year, looking for old timey burger places and motels).

Of these three, Fitz was my favorite, tho admittedly, I like most root beers, but am partial to pre Coca Cola “Barqs”, as I’m a New Orleans boy at heart, and Barqs was spawned in the Crescent City.

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