Portland, OR – Bellagio’s Pizza Redux

My second experience with Bellagio’s wasn’t as good as my first one, however, there wasn’t enough change to put me off ordering from them again.

The first negative was I ordered before they had even opened, and ordered a delivery for 1130 A;  the store called me a few minutes later and said they were slammed with orders, and delivery would take a minimum of one hour and a half, did I still want the pie?  Well, at least they let me know, and I left the order in.

I once again ordered their all meat pie, which they call the “Butcher Block”, and has Mozzarella, Salami, Pepperoni, Canadian Bacon, Italian Sausage. I added double cheese for an additional buck.

I was as impressed with the quality of meat toppings as I was the first go-around, tho I think with the economy, perhaps the quantity has lessened a bit, and the Italian sausage pieces seemed a bit smaller.

The cheese, this time – not so sure.  I don’t think I got the “double” portion, and the melt quality  (see pic) left a little something to be desired.  In the pic you’ll also note the grease stain on the paper plate.

The crust is fine, tho the thickness is not my preference, it still makes for an enjoyable experience, crispy on the perimeter, chewy as you work your way inland.

Actual delivery time (their charge is $2) took 1 hour and 45 minutes, which in my experience, isn’t usual.

Of the people that deliver to my SW neighborhood, Bellagio’s is clearly the best choice for midday.  Evenings, I will prefer to opt for the wider selections available from Delivered Dish.

How did they do on my ultimate test for pizza?  How is it the next morning after sitting out on the counter all night?  Bellagio passes that one with flying colors!  Think I’ll have a slice right now!

Bellagio Pizza Portland

Bellagio Pizza Portland

Bellagio Pizza Portland

Bellagio Pizza Portland

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