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Once upon a time, Burgerdogboy lived on a small island called Lamma in the South China Sea. ¬†The¬†island, primarily the home of legacy Chinese fishing families, also had a few homages to the former British occupiers, and one of my favorites was the cutely named “Deli Lamma.” Relevant to nothing about this post.

The New Delhi, in Southwest Portland, is located in a mostly deserted mini mall set back from Barbur Blvd. You’ll know you’ve found the right driveway if you spy the “Spy Store”, long since closed. I had suggested to Mrs. Burgerdogboy to pick a lunch location, and Google listed this after a search of “lunch” and our zip code.

I was down for it, I love Indian food. So we went for the lunch buffet, a bargain for about $8 each, and settled in for a feast of all the usual Indian faves, some curries, Chicken tikka, and the requisite dishes main from spinach or beans.

Unlike a lot of lunch buffets in the Portland area, New Delhi keeps their warming table amply stocked, with often replenishments, and the genial host was happy to refill the chafing dishes of one’s choosing.

I suppose there are Indian restaurants which offer less than stellar foods, but New Delhi isn’t one of them. Ample stocks of naan, papadums, and raita, along with a couple of dessert offerings, make this my new favorite bestest neighborhood joint.

I grabbed a take-out menu, and will be sure to employ their services over and over again.

New Delhi Restaurant, Portland, OR

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