Mehfil Indo-Mughlai Pak Cuisine Restaurant Review Little Rock Arkansas


Mehfil Indo-Mughlai Pak Cuisine Restaurant Review Little Rock Arkansas

Mehfil Indo-Mughlai Pak Cuisine Restaurant Review Little Rock ArkansasDo you remember the very first moment you ever tasted a certain food?

The first time I ever had Indian food was in a seedy, dark, 2nd floor eatery in Wanchai, a neighborhood of Hong Kong, seated across from a stunningly beautiful Chinese woman named Vida. We were co-workers and when she found I had never had Indian food, she was determined to give me an education.

And did she. My recollection is she ordered most of the menu and we plowed through it with abandon, washing down servings with Kingfisher beer.  I loved every bite. Every new flavor, every nuance.

Later in my tenure in Hong Kong, I moved out to a small island an hour ferry ride from the city, and we had our very own, very small Indian restaurant, sat about eight,  and it was my habit to spend most Saturday afternoons there – when I wasn’t traveling Asia for work.

So in Little Rock, Mehfil Indo-Mughlai Pak Cuisine is the place.  “Mehfil” means “an evening of courtly entertainment or concert of Hindustani classical music and dance, performed for a small audience in an intimate setting.”

No such entertainment at this elegantly appointed restaurant, and we went for a highly recommended buffet, which as luck would have it, wasn’t being offered that night.

No matter, we ordered old favorites from the very complete menu.

We started with complimentary poppadum (flat, dried wafers of spicy lentil flour, deep fried), moved into naan, both garlic and cheese, with bowls full or raita (yogurt with cucumber and cilantro) for mopping.  A gaggle of chicken dishes came next,  saag,  tikka, and tikka marsala.  All poultry cooked in the tandoori clay oven, giving it that nice charred texture and smoky flavor.

No room for dessert, in fact we took a lot of food home.

The restaurant wasn’t very busy for a Friday nite (perhaps because they cancelled the buffet?) so service was attentive and pleasant.  The gent was kind to explain dishes or ingredients we had questions about.

They did not have Kingfisher beer (sad face) – he said it was “no more” and I thought he meant out of business, but more likely he meant at the restaurant.  They also did not have Tiger Beer, another beer frequently served with Indian in SE Asia.

So it was Stella for me, wine for the rest of the table.

I’d like to go back for the buffet.  They’d regret letting me in.

Mehfil Indo-Mughlai Pak Cuisine Restaurant Review Little Rock Arkansas

Mehfil Indo-Mughlai Pak Cuisine Restaurant Review Little Rock Arkansas

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Original Naan Pizza Review

Original Naan Pizza ReviewDeep Foods, a New Jersey company founded in 1977, markets prepared, frozen and boxed foods of India and Southeast Asia.  At my local Indian grocery, Patel Brothers, I picked up their Tandoor Baked Cheese Naan Pizza.  Naan is an oven-baked leavened flatbread product, native to SE Asia and the Middle East, kinda similar to pita.  (Sidebar – I lived on a small island in the South China sea for a number of years. There was a small Indian restaurant there, about six seats, and they made naan in all sorts of interest ‘flavors.’ My favorite was blue cheese).

Oven baked for 15+ minutes at 425, the “pizza” was obviously pre-cooked in a tandoor, as evidenced by the char marks.

The naan is a nice quality for a pizza crust, crispy at the distant edge, chewy towards the middle, about the same thickness as chain “hand-tossed” pizzas.

As this is traditional Indian cuisine, there are no meat options for the pies, and this cheese one was just fine, reminiscent of value-priced frozen pizza brands.

Kinda curious about why the cheese melted differently at different spots on the bread, but in the end, didn’t matter. Few to none preservatives in the ingredient list.  I’d buy it again.

Original Naan Pizza Review


Deep Foods TV Commercial Further Explains “Naan”
Naan Pizza Review

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Portland, OR – New Delhi

Once upon a time, Burgerdogboy lived on a small island called Lamma in the South China Sea.  The island, primarily the home of legacy Chinese fishing families, also had a few homages to the former British occupiers, and one of my favorites was the cutely named “Deli Lamma.” Relevant to nothing about this post.

The New Delhi, in Southwest Portland, is located in a mostly deserted mini mall set back from Barbur Blvd. You’ll know you’ve found the right driveway if you spy the “Spy Store”, long since closed. I had suggested to Mrs. Burgerdogboy to pick a lunch location, and Google listed this after a search of “lunch” and our zip code.

I was down for it, I love Indian food. So we went for the lunch buffet, a bargain for about $8 each, and settled in for a feast of all the usual Indian faves, some curries, Chicken tikka, and the requisite dishes main from spinach or beans.

Unlike a lot of lunch buffets in the Portland area, New Delhi keeps their warming table amply stocked, with often replenishments, and the genial host was happy to refill the chafing dishes of one’s choosing.

I suppose there are Indian restaurants which offer less than stellar foods, but New Delhi isn’t one of them. Ample stocks of naan, papadums, and raita, along with a couple of dessert offerings, make this my new favorite bestest neighborhood joint.

I grabbed a take-out menu, and will be sure to employ their services over and over again.

New Delhi Restaurant, Portland, OR

New Delhi on Urbanspoon

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