Millionaire Tuna Salad Recipe / Melt

Millionaire Tuna Salad / Melts

Why “Millionaire?” Because I start with fresh Ahi which I order from a sashimi supplier. Regardless of your source, using fresh tuna of any ilk to your preparations that call for tuna, adds an entirely new depth of flavor and texture over the canned product.


  • Fresh tuna steak, sushi grade   ( I buy it here, great company)
  • Mustard (your choice) Stone ground, Dijon, Yellow)  (French Maille is the best, you can order it here).
  • Mayonnaise
  • Diced Green Pitted Olives
  • (Optional crunch factor) Add diced celery or onion if desired
  • Bread (choose English muffins,split baguettes, or sliced bread)
  • Cheese for melting (Havarti, Provolone, or American)


Sear the tuna well on both sides in a hot skillet. I season mine with Tony Chachere Seasoning….it’s similar to a ‘blackened’ seasoning, but with more heat and less salt.

Rough chop the tuna and olives.

Mix in mayo and mustard, measurements depend on your preference for creaminess.

Lightly toast your bread, ladle on the tuna salad, cover with cheese, and dust with paprika, before putting it under the broiler until the cheese is thoroughly melted.



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