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Pastrami Dip Recipe

July 11, 2015 BurgerDogBoy 0

I first heard of, and experienced the “pastrami dip” at a West Los Angeles icon, Johnnie’s Pastrami, on Sepulveda near the Culver City border.  It’s […]

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Olive Soup Recipe

February 10, 2015 BurgerDogBoy 0

Olive Soup Recipe Traveling in Eastern Europe, I became quite a fan of hearty soups, especially in Poland, where my one of my favorites became […]

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Sunday Brunch Recipe

December 15, 2014 BurgerDogBoy 0

Before Mrs Burgerdogboy passed, we lived in Portland, Oregon, for a number of years, which celebrates the complete and utter silliness of Sunday brunch on […]