“Winner” Declared in Hummus War

I have written a couple of times about these two guys slugging it out for hummus dominance in SW Portland.

I am declaring a “winner” based on having visited both establishments several times.

I am going with Baba Fresh.

For one primary reason only.  The Baba Fresh proprietor is a genuinely nice guy and always appreciates your business.

The guys at Hummus Stop in the same regard?  Not so nice.  A bit heavy-handed on the sales end, a bit pushy.

And while hospitality alone is enough to put Baba Fresh on top, one can’t ignore the primary reason for visiting one of these establishments – quality and taste of the food.

I am sure there are  many regional variations of preparing hummus and pita, but I prefer the products at Baba.  The hummus is smoother and creamier than Hummus Stop, and the pita prepared in the traditional manner that I am personally used to.

I was especially unhappy with the Hummus Stop’s pita chips, which is one of their signature items.  If you have ever been in the Southern US and eaten fresh crackling?  Hummus Stop’s chips remind me of that.  Thick, kinda tough, with an oily taste.

Not so hot.

When you are traveling out near PCC Sylvania, and are in the mood for a little bite, or a fancy coffee, I suggest you check out Baba Fresh.

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