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Ah, back in my salad days, Trader Vic’s, in Mpls-St. Paul, used to be one of my “go-to” places to impress the ladies!   Did it work?  Oh, yeah!   So now, TV’s has returned to open in Portland, and is chock-a-block full of authentic tiki decor, and serves up some of the best exotic cocktails and pu-pus you can ever imagine.

What is tiki?  The word refers to large wood carvings from the Polynesia culture, and TV’s theme reflects both the culture and the geography.

Mrs. Burgerdogboy and I hit a special event at the Vic’s yday, one intended to allow us to sample the wares, service, and ambiance, and we surely did.  Greeted at the door with a fresh mai-tai (HELLO!), we took our place at  a couple of bar stools, talked with old and new friends, and partook in the grub samples.

Our family rib expert, Mrs. Burgerdogboy, loved the Asian-style BBQ ribs, and I went for the Ahi poke in a big way.   The smoked tofu, and the crab rangoon also delighted.

Trader Vic’s in Portland opens at 3pm daily, and will soon be offering a weekend brunch, as well (Portland is THE ultimate brunch town!).

We’ll be returning soon to graze thru the balance of the menu, of course I’m interested in scoping out the burger, and the ahi sliders sound great as well!

As with many Portland establishments, TV’s tries to source local, and puts their own spin on area ingredients.

Who, and especially BurgerDogBoy, doesn’t love an afternoon surrounded by tropical decor, food, and where one is encouraged to wear Hawaiian shirts?

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