Those Crispy Fried Onion Thingies

Frenchs Fried OnionsGreen bean casserole is the ubiquitous Thanksgiving (and other holidays) side dish.  Does anybody make it on days other than holidays?  The original recipe was developed in 1955 (happy 60th birthday!) by Dorcas Reilly, who headed the “home economics”  team at Campbell’s Soup Company.  They wanted to create a fast and easy dish from two ingredients most people had at home – green beans, and Cream of Mushroom soup.

At some point, the crispy onions were added as an ingredient and topping.  That product was originally created by Durkee Foods, which was acquired by French’s in 1995.

There have been “pretenders to the throne,” but most people, it seems, buy the original (on the left in the pic), the price be damned!

I decided I’d check out the competition, which were priced 30% less than the French’s.

The pic below has the generic on the left, French’s on the right.

For me, spending the extra money on French’s is worth it.  They have more flavor and are crispier.  The generics have kind of a weird flavor and less crunch.

“But Burger man, obviously the generic has bigger pieces, how about that?”

“Not so,” I replied, “as the photo represents the French’s after I have noshed on all the big pieces.”  Whoops.  Here’s the original recipe from Campbells.   BTW? Don’t make this mistake:  the late Mrs. Burgerdogboy and I hosted a Thanksgiving pot luck one year, and since we knew we’d have a whole spread, we told people to bring something “if they want” but it wasn’t necessary.

Seven versions of green bean hot dish showed up.  Most of them I didn’t like. LOL

Frenchs Fried Onions


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