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Can you picture this? Take a bit of a Victorian tea room, a bit of country cafe, a bit of a traditional diner, and a bit of a Korean restaurant – and you have Cameo Cafe East at 8111 NE Sandy, in Portland. I met a friend for breakfast, but Cameo servers their entire menu (seen here), every waking hour they are open, so I went for their fabulous “Beaver Burger”, which is about a 1/3 pound patty topped with bacon, ham, a fried egg, and two kinds of cheese, on a sesame dotted toasted bun.

Comes with a side of  hash browns, chips, or potato salad, and the waitress told me their hash browns were legendary, so I went with those.

No part of the meal disappointed, and I’ll go back to try the pancakes which come in 1/2 acre or full acre size. (They ARE massive).

Other interesting variations offered by owner hostess Sooki include the Kim Chee Omelet (yep!), home made corned beef hash, and a daily variety of great soups. The “East” designator is because the same owner has a full service restaurant in Vancouver, WA, which has a full dinner menu, offering you a wide variety of treats. When was the last time you saw potstickers, spaghetti and meatballs, meatloaf, and Pork Bul Go Gi all on the same menu? Yeah, I thought not! Check this place out. Kitschy, fun, and fab food.

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