7-Eleven Pizza Test

I wrote about the advent of 7-Eleven pizzas a few weeks ago. I thought it seemed like a good place to get my fix, especially since it would be 1) cheap, 2) available 24 hpurs, 3) available everywhere.

At least two of those ideas turned out to be true; it’s not available at my neighborhood 7-Eleven, but then, it has just been sold, so maybe the transition is slowing things up.
I did have the opportunity to sample the product however, quite by accident, discovering an outlet that is already offering it on my way out of town the other day.

The outlet is out on NE Sandy, and I was just stopping for a morning coffee, but they had the pies out already with the counter topper screaming at me “Two Slices for $3!” “Free Big Gulp with two slices!”

I succumbed to the pitch. Well, half-way. I picked up one slice of pepperoni. It wasn’t so good, wasn’t so bad, very reminiscent of the frozen product “Tony’s”, tho this one cooked in a professional convection oven, not my 50 degree off Fridgidaire.

Ample pepperoni toppings, and yes, for 9.99 for a whole pie, at 3AM, within walking distance of my house (when that outlet puts in the oven), once and awhile, I’ll go for it. I did not try the wings or “wingettes”: the signage was in place, but not the product.

7-11  PNG3

7-11 PNG1

One comment to “7-Eleven Pizza Test”
One comment to “7-Eleven Pizza Test”
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