Slidell, LA – RaceTrac Gas Station

RaceTrac Petroleum is a chain of  over 500 gas stations across the southeastern US.  Like many retail chains, RaceTrac has discovered the beauty and profitability of “house brands,”  and has followed suit with their ready to heat and ready to eat sandwiches.   The RaceTrac double cheeseburger, 5.5 ounces, and 99 cents,  exceeds the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder is taste, appearance, and value.   All that stands between you and a late night gas station burger fix is 30 seconds in the microwave.   RaceTrac’s microwaves are even idiot-proof, with pre-programmed settings for the various sandwiches.

RaceTracs have a great condiment bar, so you can dress  your burger to your liking.

Only had my fone with me this nite, so photos are reflective of that!




race condiments

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